Genise Luecke

Genise started at Fabric Recycles in 2022 after retiring from 35 years of working as an environmental engineer. After watching her mother sew everything for the family since she was born, she picked up her first pattern and sewed herself a dress complete with pockets and a zipper at the age of 10. She’s been sewing ever since and has at least dabbled in just about every craft that involves fabric, yarn, thread, or embroidery floss. She mostly sews quilts and other crafts now. In her free time, when not in her sewing room, she loves to read and watch mysteries and attend live shows and concerts of all types.

Erica Eimer
Erica started at Fabric Recycles in 2012.  Her sewing started with her first draw-string bag in 7th grade home-ec followed by a pair of over-sized overall shorts. Then it was off to big-block quilts and rag baby quilts. She's mostly self-taught with a few classes along the way.  When she's not in the store she likes to read (especially cozy mysteries) and quilt. She's also recently started "collecting" vintage sewing machines.  Erica's biggest words of wisdom can be summed up with one word - Pins. "I can sew a reasonably straight line, provided I pin first. I don't like un-sewing so pinning is a must!"  "I fell in love with the concept and Page's enthusiasm is very encouraging. I love fabric with all the colors, patterns and variety."

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Our founder


Page Burns is the creator and owner of Fabric Recycles.  The idea of Fabric Recycles came to her in the shower washing her hair.  She has been sewing garments since she was 8 years old, doing a 4-H project every year for 10 years.  Her mother taught her all she knows about sewing and got her into quilting in her early 20's.  They made quilts together for many years, one would piece the top, the other would hand quilt it. 

After the loss of her mother to cancer in 2005, she inherited her mother's sewing room.  Her mother's collection was not small as it took an 18' trailer to move it!  After a hiatus from any sewing for 3 years and being too frustrated with her corporate job, she had to do something.  Oprah always said, "work in your hobby".  There has to be more people like me out there, with too much stuff and not enough time to put it together. Then Bam!  The concept of Fabric Recycles was born. 

She incorporated everything she knew, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Business, 10 years managing a cubicle production world and over 15 years in retail customer service, into the best shopping experience sewers & crafters could ask for! 

So in the height of the recession, she quit her corporate job and opened Fabric Recycles in Overland Park, KS.  With the help of all of our customers, Fabric Recycles was quickly accepted by the sewing and crafting community.   

Fabric Recycles

 9268 Metcalf Overland Park KS 66212 

Monday - Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm 
Saturday - Sunday 11am - 5pm