While our computer system can do just about any design, here are some to aid in your choices.

price/sq inchTwin 63”x87” estimateDouble 78”x87” estimateQueen 84”x92” estimateKing 100”x92” estimate
Basic - All Over$0.01 $54.81 $67.86 $77.28 $92.00
This is the simplest and most popular choice. It consists of rows of continuous quilting designs that go from one edge of the quilt to the other. Including Stipple, Cross Over Squares & Cross Over Loops.     
Advanced - All Over$0.02 $82.22 $101.79 $115.92 $138.00
This service includes a pantograph or 2 quilting designs. For example, an edge to edge quilting design in the quilt interior and a border treatment.     
Custom$0.03 $164.43 $203.58 $231.84 $276.00
Custom quilting includes special block patterns, stencils, stitch in the ditch, outline, sashings and custom designed patterns.
Other Services     
One yard of binding fabric is required. Any fabric remaining will be returned.price/linear inchTwin 63”x87”Double 78”x87”Queen 84”x92”King 100”x92”
Basic Binding$0.12 $36.00 $39.60 $42.24 $46.08
Customer finishes hand stitching     
Complete Binding$0.30 $90.00 $99.00 $105.60 $115.20
Completed with hand stitching to back     
Squaring the top$15.00 / hr    
Squaring the back$15.00 / hr    
Reloading - quilt removed & rotated 90 degrees$10     
Thread - Black or White$5    
Customer must provide the batting and backing which must be at least 4" and no larger than 8" larger than the quilt top in both length and width. If it is not large enough, the quilt will be returned.  One yard of binding fabric is required when requesting binding service.

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